April 30, 2013

A Lightning Tale...

Lightning sizzles the darkened sky
not asking anyone how or why
bringing depth to the moments hand
terrifying every creature and man

Moving with wildly startling speeds
screams with a fire tongue that leads
loosing its uncontrolled inner soul
as fury commands its devilish toll

Lightning the rage starts to succumb
all bow, their souls burnt into one
wiped away from coolness they found
only to be burnt, buried into the ground

Violence slowly coming to an end
as swirling calms the darkened wind
brings peace with a sorrowed frown
distant echo’s laugh like a clown -

as lightning tells its tale

- Rhoda Galgiani

April 26, 2013

Is the Same...

Wherever I go, my Father is with me
He shows me the right direction
gives me wisdom and confidence
how to handle the strife before me

Whenever I cry, my Father dries my tears
gives me comfort and a contented heart
for He knows I am deserving of His grace
and blessings to complete my spiritual life

Whatever I dream, He fulfills my thoughts
gives my spirit the will to seek my desires
teaching me to plan my daily walks to His
gardens of purity, goodness filled with love

Whoever comes into view, with a complaint or
thought that leads me to a misguided moment
I say unto you - He will bless your soul anyway
His love for you is the same love He gives to me

- Rhoda Galgiani

Love - Full Circle...

Waiting for the sunrise
longing for the night’s moon
one will bring golden light
the other hearts will swoon

Early birth renewed at dawn
tomorrow brings a new day
love went full circle again
along our path called Loving Way

Take my hand and walk with me
for today is bright and clear
hold my heart with tender touch
for my love is yours - my dear

- Rhoda Galgiani

April 24, 2013

Confusing Rushes

Dark fear of an unknown place
crowds the shadows of her mind
deep confusion rushes through
mind channels going nowhere

Runs through a dreary damp night
as her soul was called away
to a new place to complete
visions of her lost nightmares

Longing for the tide to turn
brings a calm to her mind of
insanity - her thoughts drive
her to deep depths of darkness -

she weeps

- Rhoda Galgiani

April 22, 2013

For Anyone Who Owns a Cat -
We Know, This is Exactly How They Think!

Submitted to 'Expressions' by
Carole Wolfram, UT

April 20, 2013

My Feline Buddies...

Max (l), Gracie (c) Mai Ling (r)

Something about the feline
tugs at my heart maybe their eyes,
or their fur, maybe their precious purr

Something about a homeless cat
stirs emotion wanting to take them home;
wanting to love them so they won’t roam

Something grew within my heart
I became a lover of felines they fill my heart;
bringing me joy, loving me from the very start

Something strange happened to me
a calling to care for them,  to give them love,
shelter and blessings from above

and I shall - my Feline Buddies

- Rhoda Galgiani

April 17, 2013

'Expressions' is Featuring ~ Sumay the Poet...

Lady Mc Grady
Thought that just maybe
Today she should exercise an hour or two.

With weights in her hands
And active sweat glands
She sweated and panted until she turned blue.

She still kept on going
Each day it was showing
Her new-found confidence amazingly grew.

To everyone’s surprise
She grew much smaller in size
It was then that she finally knew.

At the start of this fight
I thought I was right
In believing in all I can’t do.

But as I grew wise
I saw them as lies
And instead, good health I pursue.

So if you must question
You want a confession
For good health requires a new view.

Don’t let it get you down
That you can’t swim, you drown
Instead focus on what you can do.

Take one step a day
Don’t worry what you weigh
Just get moving and eat healthy too.

For wiser, it seems
Is not something of dreams
What you strive for – is possible – it’s true!

© ~ Sumay, 2013

Editor's Note:

 is a Home School Mom of 4 Kids Who is a Happily Married Poet

April 16, 2013



Faith is a word instilled
in the soul for it came
ever so gently giving
direction how to follow
His guiding light

- Rhoda Galgiani

April 10, 2013

Charlene McCutcheon - Poet with Humor


Once a sugar binge is fully in bloom,
Like dandelions, you can't just assume
You'll only cut off the top
And your cravings will stop.
The roots of your cravings you gotta exhume.

Ground that has hardened in the
midday sun
Will not release fat roots, no not one.
Try, from work not to shrink,
Nor faith, tis the way I think.
Even though digging deep is not much fun.

Glory not in faults, acting the martyr.
Find good in life and with bad don't barter.
A humble rejoicing heart
Is the first place to start.
So wet your ground deep with 'living water'.

Softening the ground makes it much easier.
Then the whole root comes up all together.
Give it not a little slack
Or surely it will grow back
In drought, wind, hail or any kind of weather.

Otherwise annihilate those negatives!
Kill them with a "Roundup" of positives.
Overcome evil with good, it reads.
Truth rids ugly negative weeds.
Remembering, lies grow and are like thieves,

Robbing us of coveted after peace
Bidding us to come to a life of ease
Where pleasure is the rule,
Bad consequences our school.
Choose to rid yourself of the negatives.

Then there's room for the positive to grow.
Making it possible the world to show,
The strong lusts of the flesh
Won't crowd out your best
Because you walk in the spirit aglow.

© Charlene McCutcheon, UT

Editor's Note:
'Expressions' is proud to feature Poet Charlene McCutcheon, UT
 sharing her poetic humor using the Limerick Form of Poetry...

Limerick Form - is a five-line, often humorous and ribald poem with a strict meter. Lines 1, 2, and 5 of have seven to ten syllables (three metrical feet) and rhyme with one another. Lines 3 and 4 have five to seven (two metrical feet) syllables and rhyme with each other. The rhyme scheme is usually "A-A-B-B-A".

April 8, 2013

Murphy - A Blessed Feline...

'Murphy' ~ See His Angel Wings?

Guideposts - Angel Incognito

Submitted to 'Expressions' by
Charlene McCutcheon, UT

April 6, 2013

On My Way

You bring calm to me
and others with your
laid back personality
bringing an assurance
all today is well

A smile that welcomes
a hello inviting one in
when one may feel low
your charm and likeable
smile turns things around
as trust renews one’s faith

One walks a little taller
on their way for today
is a delight knowing you
one shall return again
coming to hear your say -
how are you today?
and we say just fine!

- Rhoda Galgiani

April 3, 2013

Don't Worry Mom - I'm in Kitty Heaven...

Tinkerbell (l) and Joshua (r)

'Expressions' is Sad to Announce the Passing of 


on April 2, 2013

Joshua 16 Years Old
 The beloved Kitty of Owner ~

Christina R. Jussaume, MA

April 1, 2013

'Expressions' Wishes You a Very Happy April Fool's Day
with Lots of Silliness Sent to You From,

Rhoda, Max and Gracie