December 6, 2013

Ricks 32...

Lone Willow Tree

Willow tree
You weep for me
As I stand
Beneath your sprawling limbs
Come comfort me today
From the world
That surrounds me
Set me free
Willow tree
Do dry your tears
I am strong
I carry a steel shield
Wards off the pain that comes
My angel
Is always near
Takes my fear

Willow tree
Spread your branches
Wide and true
Let the sun now shine through
Take the chill from my soul
As I touch
My fingertips
To your heart
- Rhoda Galgiani
Ricks 32 Poetry Form - 8 lines 3-4-3-6-6-3-4-3 syllables
Rhyming optional - any subject, at least two verses - no verse limit...rg


Charlene McCutcheon said...

Awww what an great personification poem giving a Willow tree the ability to feel and empathize.. I just want to reach out my arms and hug you too. :) Loved it and you.

Rhoda Galgiani said...

I love the Weeping Willow Tree - seems she wants to hug the pieces out of the one who walks near her - we have a huge tree here on the property - when I walk under her it is like a huge umbrella covering me - I feel peace beneath her branches as nature shows her love...rg

Charlene McCutcheon said...

I can tell you love nature. I am sure that that tree would just love to hug you to pieces cause I sure do.