December 27, 2011

Dream a New Year Dream...

Dreams often in petal pastels
that captures the heart
with wonderment as to
where the hues have been

Visions again of a new day
full of discovery within the heart
when strolling a path laid out
before each step a mystery

Around the corner of the soul
is a new horizon taking one
to an understanding of the
flight as to where and how

Again the New Year is
waiting with adventures
as the day whirls swiftly by
yet, preparing one for what is –

a dream that is only theirs

Happy New Year from,
Rhoda, Max and Gracie

December 23, 2011

'Expressions' Sends Holiday Greetings

Our New Born King

Christmas time has a special glory
for those who know the biblical story,
Of angels that came to spread the word
of Jesus’ birth, their praises we heard

Cold and dark the manger filled with hay
the birth of Jesus took place in a special way,
Mary and Joseph hold their precious Son
He was their gift, they were the chosen ones

The entire world cheered and the heavens were aglow
as brilliant stars twinkled and the angels showed,
Shepard’s the path to His straw lined stall
as they spoke of Jesus, to all they did call

Glory to Him our new born King
has come to the world so love can ring,
He will wash away our sins if we follow Him
living for eternity, He promised, so let us begin -

to show Him our love

"Expressions' wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas ~

Hugs from,
Rhoda, Max (the Scrooge) and Gracie

December 20, 2011

Maxine Says It All...

Need I say more???

A Place Called Chesapeake...

A far away place I use to know
I love so much very long ago

A place of calm and greenery delight
I’d snuggle in my bed safe at night

People were polite and sweet with their words
at times I’d get lost with words I rarely heard

I now live in a new place happy on my own
a place I found it’s my Long Island home

But, I remember a place causing my heart to peak
a place in Virginia, she is called Chesapeake -

a home away from home

I was talking on the phone to a special person the
other day - I have so many fond memories - living six
years in Chesapeake, VA where I met my southern friend -
Mona Bradley

December 17, 2011

A Bluebird Kind of Love...

The Bluebird of Happiness
I send to you today
He brings you all my love
As he hurries on his way
I hope his song
Will touch your heart
The way it was meant to be
And every time you hear it
You will think of me


Poetry composed by
Vernette Hutcheson, LA

December 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jesus ~

In the silence of the night
He comes to us, bringing
us heavenly love and
warmth within His touch

As we accept His gift and
cherished love that surrounds us
we gives thanks to Him for He
brought His Son to us on this day

Our hearts receive the purity of His
light that shines upon a new born
in the hay, the light captures our
souls bringing us understanding

Remembering baby Jesus and His birth
we give thanks to you Father for
your blessings and our gift of life as
we bow our heads and give our hearts -

to your Son Jesus

December 12, 2011

A Memory Tear

There comes a time when heart strings hum
when they remember long ago someone
who touched their life with simple strings
with lines of lace and special things

Memories of days being young and free
when life was happy deep within thee
not a care as one grew older each day
learning about life in a simpler way

Time has past and lessons were learned
some are good others to be yearned
passing thoughts live in thy soul
forever remembered special to behold

A tear crest the eye, but not a moment sad
memories of joy ever so glad
words express those wondrous years
remembered thoughts shall bring that tear -

of happiness

December 7, 2011

New Pup on the Block!

His name is Rexx...
This adorable puppy found a new home at Ron Cervero's in CT.
Say 'Hello' to this little guy! He is home just in time for Christmas.

December 5, 2011

This Morning...

I woke up,
I lifted my arms,
I moved my knees,
I turned my neck...

Everything made the same noise:


I came to the conclusion...
I am not old, just Crispy!!!

Submitted to 'Expressions' by
Caryl Ramsdale, NV

December 3, 2011

Who's Ready for a Snooze???

Such a great
picture of these
Polar Bears.
Good to see
they have
their peaceful

Submitted to 'Expressions' by
Barbara Dyson, NV