December 23, 2011

'Expressions' Sends Holiday Greetings

Our New Born King

Christmas time has a special glory
for those who know the biblical story,
Of angels that came to spread the word
of Jesus’ birth, their praises we heard

Cold and dark the manger filled with hay
the birth of Jesus took place in a special way,
Mary and Joseph hold their precious Son
He was their gift, they were the chosen ones

The entire world cheered and the heavens were aglow
as brilliant stars twinkled and the angels showed,
Shepard’s the path to His straw lined stall
as they spoke of Jesus, to all they did call

Glory to Him our new born King
has come to the world so love can ring,
He will wash away our sins if we follow Him
living for eternity, He promised, so let us begin -

to show Him our love

"Expressions' wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas ~

Hugs from,
Rhoda, Max (the Scrooge) and Gracie