November 5, 2011

A Father's Expression ~

My Son
Dedicated to
Arthur C. Ford, Jr.

I sailed out to conquer life
And knew the tides would rise,
I learned life was made of strife
As mother preached so wise

I have traveled pass to port
I have jewelry fine,
I have sat with kings and courts
And kissed her highness wine

I have danced, romanced for days
And still I paid my dues,
And mysteries were just a phase
I found resolving clues

I have answered prayers at times
As favors were fulfilled,
I've digested eternal rhymes
Now poems of thought are milled

But yet, I had let love depart
And life I had not won,
Until the Creator, who’s in my heart
Gave to me My Son

Submitted to 'Expressions' by
Arthur C. Ford, Sr., Poet/Lyricist, PA