October 30, 2011

Kitty Rescue

My Kitty got out one frigid day
Six months old she ran away

She was gone so worried was I
Calling her and looking low and high

Then one night I heard a sorrowful cry
There she was in a tree sixty feet high

The temperature was low I think twenty four
I was scared this Kitten would fall to the floor

Panic set in, what was I to do, I didn’t know
I couldn’t climb that tree, being old and so -

I called the Fire Department of our local town
Fifteen young men came to help my Kitty down

Quickly up the tree the young man went
Talking to her quietly she looked at him content

He grabbed her tucking her close to his chest
Bringing her down safely, knowing she was a mess

The first Kitty rescued by our town’s Firemen
Lucky Kitty a feline who committed this sin

She looked at her Hero and gave a purring song
As if to say, I was scared…so what took you so long?

Mai Ling was rescued by the North Patchogue Fire Department in 2007.
Being this was their first 'Kitty' rescue - the young fireman smiled!!!