October 23, 2009

Featured Poet - Karen O'Leary ~

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The soul
spills on white sheets--
creative expression
born of compassion, honesty,
and dreams

'Expressions' is deeply honored to feature Karen O'Leary, ND poet for all to enjoy. Her heartwarming and beautiful way with expression may be read at PoetrySoup.com

Karen O'Leary ~ Poet

K indness within her heart
A lways loving from the start
R eality is her gift
E rnest is her lift
N atural she really is for…

O nly structure does she like
‘L oving poetry form she delights
E ver striving for perfection
A lways headed in that direction
R ambling is not her style
Y et she is a poet all the while

Dedicated to Karen O'Leary, Poet and Friend