September 20, 2009

Memories of Joy ~ A Narrative

I view my world around me with love in my heart
for I am blessed and guided to lead a life of joy by Him,
oh, of course all is not serene all of the time with every
moment of the waking day, but life for me comes near it

As I remember moments gone by a tear comes to the corner
of my aging eye not so much for sadness, but for joy in my
heart that I have precious memories to call upon whenever
needed in my moment of solitary delusion or bewilderment

Those choosing to let their moments become a vapor will be
empty later on when their incomplete lives will be ending,
nothing to call upon, nothing in their visual bank to view
and savor bringing peacefulness to their dying lost souls

Sad, the world is too busy to capture the goodness that
comes within thy spirit, sad one rushes to compete in the
task of living, seeking materialistic structures to please
what they feel needs to be pleased at that time…

Sad for them -

As I remember my memories of joy