June 14, 2017

Here Comes Summer...

I’s Ready...

Today the sun was bright
all well for the mind and body
it has been a long time coming as
one waited for the warmth to arrive

One can function in the cold with
bundles of garments that surrounded them
but, as the months pass one is ready to shed
ready to expose their outer shell to the sky

Today it came big, bright and fuller than the moon
whew we said, driving in our car to nowhere
as we remembered not of the months past but,
longing for the warmth to overtake our souls

Being human is hard for we jump here
and there as we search for our comfort
at first glance - the snowy cold is glorious
at first touch - the sun is what we longed for

that is until the temp goes to 95 degrees...
Ready? Here Comes Summer!

- Rhoda Galgiani