May 25, 2017

Without a Second Thought

Time is an ever-flowing adventure
for it moves forward
without a second thought

As the earth revolves
the sun rises and sets according
to the time clock of the universe

When we awake in the morning
we know the sun will rise
for we have always known

Just as we know the rain
wind and clouds will be there
on a timely basis

Time may move slowly
or swish swiftly by depending
on who we are or where we may be

Sometimes it creeps ever so slowly
we wish it would speed up
to get us through our hour of woe

Suddenly it speeds by and we wish
it would slow down to give us more
time to savior moments of serenity

Learning long ago time stands
not a moment still I will use time
wisely for time shan’t wait for me

- Rhoda Galgiani