April 21, 2017

Your Shadow's Shadow

The evidence of a
 higher power is
all around us,
as He showers His
cherished children
with glorious visuals,
glowing with a thousand
 hues coming from a
rainbow after a storm.

May His tears of joy
that He sheds peering
over the vast masterpiece
of this wondrous world
He created for us all, gently
wash away every earthly,
distasteful, disorder that
has come to be within
your living soul.

As we take into our spiritual
being the cleansing breaths of
purity He so lovingly gives,
realizing and consuming
in thought that there is truth
and salvation that surrounds
the body as a halo when we open
our hearts to receive Him knowing…

 You are never alone as He is
always within your shadow’s shadow.

- Rhoda Galgiani