April 17, 2017

Manners! Where Have You Gone???

I don’t know, I guess I am on a roll for whining!
My friend and I were walking to the parking lot
when we saw a painter coming towards us -
we moved over onto the grass and he passed us.
When he passed by I then said “Your Welcome”
and he turned and said, “Aaaaa, Ohhhhh” and
continued his walk to one of the apartments.

Well, this seems to be America today as I see it.
I have noticed there is no communication between
people let alone a mannerly jester between anyone.
How hard is it to say “Thank You” to a stranger?
How hard is it to say “Your Welcome” if indeed
someone does take the time to voice a mannerly
comment to you? I don’t know, I guess it’s difficult.

I truly believe we all must teach each other manners
again in our new world. Oh, I know the words are in there,
just hard to form our lips in a mannerly way, it seems! I
do believe it all starts at home - re-learning to each other
as we realize this country is deteriorating in many ways.
And, this saddens me for sure as I just don’t get it. I do
believe in voicing a sincere ‘Thank You’ if at all possible.

I have made it a point to say “Thank you” to the cashier
at the grocery store and also mentioning the great service I
have received. If there is no response I then say “Your Welcome”
 and the clerk whose mind is somewhere else comes alive. Sure
 enough they will say “Oh, sorry” or something to that effect and
 we both smile at our conversation - I then walk away happy!

Living in a Senior Community I find many old people
have lost their manners. All they want is to be served
and catered to. Well, I am not walking down that road! I
also believe very strongly that if one can ‘hold their hand out
to accept something from another, then they surly could move
their lips to say Thank You'. Now really, how hard is that?
 World War II Baby says - not that hard at all! Try it!!!

- Rhoda Galgiani