March 30, 2017

A Weak Moment...

Lingering this morning I think of yesterday
chores completed from last week I’d say
Time gets away from one who has no pace
minutes run into hours for me such a waste

Being a senior with time on my plate
where is life is going and through what gate
Each day seems to be the same oh same
hours passing swiftly for me oh what a shame

My life was all planned with children and such
gave up my life for them and home was my touch
Now I look back no one seems to notice or care
my life is certainly not taking me anywhere

But, that is ok for I am happy within myself
going at my own pace with friends on my shelf
Without them how dreary I would certainly be
here at the Senior Complex where I live you see!

Please don’t get me wrong for complaining today
It’s just the mood I’m in and today it’s my way
My Gracie is here on her ‘blankie’ asleep
she takes care of me if and when I do weep

Thanks for reading and being there for me
without my word on paper, oh where would I be???

- Rhoda Galgiani