February 6, 2017

Thoughts of a Heart

Embrace lightens the heart with ease
Love from the start fulfills one well
Shadow dance an art that does please
Captures the lost part of one’s shell

Reach out to hope and destined love
Learn how to cope with your own faith
Take a chance grope a flying dove
Don’t dangle from rope of past wraith

Love that has died shall fade away
Tears have now dried eyes see sun’s ray
Stolen truths that lied stay where lay
Heart opens up wide brighter day

Ending ones dark night now sees glow
Dawn a bright light comes with the sun
Morning beam hold tight so we know
Love is all right heart now has won

'All Fours Rhyme' - Created by © Rhoda Galgiani June 6, 2012
16 line poem - Each line, 4th word from beginning to rhyme
with next line 4th word, etc. Each stanza 4th word is typed
BOLD to be recognized - Rhyme poetry: abab, cdcd, efef, ghgh
Subject optional - Meter is 8 syllables per line