March 31, 2016

Hidden Thoughts

Hidden thoughts tackle feelings
sealed eyes not seeing its task
angels protect the soul as
thoughts rush to come out
- Rhoda Galgiani

March 28, 2016

A Happier Road

Where does my heart lie?
Somewhere in the past
Dormant sleep with sadness
Happiness doesn’t seem to last
Thoughts of yesteryear
Slowly come my way
As if to bring me silent peace
Past is Ok whispers seem to say
Life lessons have many meanings
Put your thoughts in a tight row
Disregard all harmful waves
Grasp memories and keep them in tow
For life is what you chose to create
No need to carry that heavy load
Rearrange and adjust your day
Seek your path to a happier road
- Rhoda Galgiani

March 25, 2016

A Gift

Time will band on morning star
hopes and dreams will linger
flames shooting by comets
lovingly - this moment a gift
- Rhoda Galgiani

March 23, 2016

Garden Scent

gave in the flower beds
the delight of scent
to all garden critters
glory is beauty
and tranquility
- Rhoda Galgiani

March 20, 2016

Kitty Rescue


Mai Ling (L), Max (C), Gracie (R)

My Kitty got out one frigid day
Six months old she ran away
 She was gone so worried was I
Calling her and looking low and high
 Then one night I heard a sorrowful cry
There she was in a tree sixty feet high
 The temperature was low I think twenty four
I was scared this Kitten would fall to the floor
 Panic set in, what was I to do, I didn’t know
I couldn’t climb that tree, being old and so -
 I called the Fire Department of our local town
Fifteen young men came to help my Kitty down
 Quickly up the tree the young man went
Talking to her quietly she looked at him content
 He grabbed her tucking her close to his chest
Bringing her down safely, knowing she was a mess
 The first Kitty rescued by our town’s Firemen
Lucky Kitty a feline who committed this sin
 She looked at her Hero and gave a purring song
As if to say, I was scared…so what took you so long?
 - Rhoda Galgiani
Author's Note:
This is a true story of my Kitty Mai Ling in 2009 - I then found
Gracie as a Kitten and she had Asthma, so Mai Ling was adopted
by my close friend as I wasn't allowed to own 3 Kitties (I still had
Max at that time). The young Firemen in Patchogue, NY on LI were
on a training exercise and happy to help. Mai Ling now 9, Gracie 7
are doing well and are happy. Max passed in 2014 age 18 yrs. old...rg

March 16, 2016

I Long to Say...

I long to say ~ what is within a word,
a word that says what I show
with loyalty, with light
always a part of His glow
I long to say ~ what is within a book,
a book that says what I am
with faith, with spirit
always a part of His world
I long to say ~ what is within a song,
a song that sings a story
with harps, with joy
always a part of His word ~
that is a lyric waiting
- Rhoda Galgiani

March 13, 2016

Wildlife, a Slow Disappearance

I won't even begin to show you the hundreds
of pictures of dead animals from our oil slicks...rg
There comes a time in ones life when
all around them doesn’t matter anymore,
peace is all that one really is concerned with,
as one dreams beautiful dreams of their lives.

The world today is moving so fast, spinning
on its titled axle of grief with the oil slick of
the mass ocean and the starving of the fowl,
sadly man has overstepped his bounds.

Quiet moment is a luxury today as the hustle
and bustle of metal movement surrounds the
human who walks upright above the animals
who try to survive our over produced world.

Centuries ago we join them only to destroy
their nests, to take from them the innocents
of their lives within our humanly paths,
taking from them their breath and freedoms.

Man and their selfish acts have hindered the beauty
of this planet, continually destroying the natural
habitat that was ordained to be their world, planned
for their comfort during a lifetime here on earth -

a lifetime when wildlife should not be
fearful of man’s technology.

- Rhoda Galgiani

March 11, 2016

Time Waits

Wait - for time will heal
untrusting hours of dismay
thoughts of interest shall renew
as old love regains lost affair
- Rhoda Galgiani

March 9, 2016

The Vision

Eyes shine like stars
the miracle of love
is dream from afar
look no more a long
time dance begins
- Rhoda Galgiani

March 5, 2016

Within My Reach...


I am happy, laid back and everything is going my way!
You know why, I ask? Because I have faith -
Yes, a simple five letter word that contains hope,
promise and love not only for myself, but for others.

 Oh, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t always this way!
I had to work at achieving this graceful state,
working some days just a little bit harder to keep
faith within my reach, for the world can be harsh.

 One must love themselves in order to feel the love
towards others. The jealousy, anger or mistrust has to
be barred, in order to go forth with joy in one’s heart,
wearing a facade only covers the inner pain of sadness.

 One can pretend as they carry that dark cloud upon
their weary shoulders. No, learn to love one’s self as
you take a moment to notice what is around the bend so
you may touch others as beauty grows in your soul - 

 then and only then, will you feel His grace.

- Rhoda Galgiani

March 3, 2016

Tall Timber

Forest Children

Children running
within the pines
breathless moments
encircled vision
treetops became
one’s playmate
as minds wandered
deep into the shadows
- Rhoda Galgiani

March 1, 2016

Yesteryear's Memories

Memories - lessons carry
reminder of life , a wonderment
of colorful rainbows and youthful
gifts of gentle knowledge of
yesteryear’s disappearance
- Rhoda Galgiani