March 13, 2016

Wildlife, a Slow Disappearance

I won't even begin to show you the hundreds
of pictures of dead animals from our oil slicks...rg
There comes a time in ones life when
all around them doesn’t matter anymore,
peace is all that one really is concerned with,
as one dreams beautiful dreams of their lives.

The world today is moving so fast, spinning
on its titled axle of grief with the oil slick of
the mass ocean and the starving of the fowl,
sadly man has overstepped his bounds.

Quiet moment is a luxury today as the hustle
and bustle of metal movement surrounds the
human who walks upright above the animals
who try to survive our over produced world.

Centuries ago we join them only to destroy
their nests, to take from them the innocents
of their lives within our humanly paths,
taking from them their breath and freedoms.

Man and their selfish acts have hindered the beauty
of this planet, continually destroying the natural
habitat that was ordained to be their world, planned
for their comfort during a lifetime here on earth -

a lifetime when wildlife should not be
fearful of man’s technology.

- Rhoda Galgiani