July 13, 2016

Reason to Rhyme

Looking at the pages of writings from long ago
I ponder my thoughts and wonder where I will go
Should I write something new that is of now
or post words of old that taught me how

Words come so easy to one with gabby thoughts
seems there is a rhyme, but free verse is what I caught
Like I am talking to you in a moment of peace
we chat about the world or events brings a release

So I read my past poetry it shows a younger me
words of sad tears and then some smiles happy to see
‘Expression’ I contain which is a blessing I do carry
so happy to write because it releases the weary

Now I post these thoughts with love in my heart
for all of you who read me from the very start
Thank you friends for your moment in time
I am joyful for you give me reason to rhyme

- Rhoda Galgiani