June 20, 2016

Where Would We Be?

Breezes touch the heart with renewal
brings new spirit to the heaviest burden
Carried so long within its structure
a lighten load now is bearable to carry

Misty rain showers the brow of the face
washes away the lines that carried memories
Renews one’s mindset to fresher thought
surrenders to what is to be - at that moment

Sun rays brings warmth to a tired body
comforts its inner core that will rest the soul
Rejuvenates something that was lost
restores life to one’s heart - now lifted

Stars light one’s path to the glorious heaven
promise is the word from one who created
It is said; forever is there for all who believe
it’s called trust, faith and love - for without this

Where would we be?

- Rhoda Galgiani