November 22, 2015

Love Died Like Wilted Flower

Love lost in a moment’s breath
Confusion filled the moist air not expected
Mind becomes full, thoughts of death
Sparrow’s sighed while loving heart was rejected

Pain filled the lonesome late hour
Dark and gloom overtook the promise broken
Love died like wilted flower
Taken by one, the heart buries vows spoken

Alone, no sweet dreams of you
Midnight hour comes to one with heavy heart
Night drifts by, color deep blue
We two must forever step away and part

Time will heal a broken soul
As faith sustains one who can see their own light
Love will bring a brand new goal
Next time love comes to my heart it will be right

One learns from past mistakes and character flaws
Which is a good thing, don’t go back to what was

- Rhoda Galgiani