September 28, 2015

His Song of Goodbye

I see her smile as she looks my way
her deadly silence does display,
My heart knows she must be the one
laughing with cynicism within her tongue

With Crimson Satin upon her breast
clings to her body’s frame as if a test,
Draping soft curves along her trim waist
longs to depart without lingering haste

She moves across the room glancing his way
then looks away as if her lips would say,
‘You wait your turn’ I’m not ready yet
I’ll whisper your name with Ruby lips wet

I look to see how he reacts to her glance
seems uncomfortable; wish he had a chance,
Taking my drink I move to his side
trying to tell him my love I can not hide

Aware of me his eyes let me know
then they move away so very slow,
Eyes that drift to a Crimson Satin doll
his longing eyes slide across the dance hall

I knew his love has drifted away
for the bond we had he can not display,
Loving arms that once held me tight
now drift away during day’s sunlight

One has captured his heart from me
she must be the one who has stolen I see,
Ruby lips and she is dressed to kill
my heart cries like the Whippoorwill

Songs of love he sang into the night
love songs now gone as he takes his flight,
My heart is broken for she must be the one
I have known the truth, now I heard it sung -

in his song of goodbye

- Rhoda Galgiani