February 8, 2015

Her Awakening

Her Awakening
A short story with No U’s
by Rhoda Galgiani

Walking down the street she clings closely to the
brick wall for leverage as her footing seems a bit
 weakened by the danger within her desperate life
Longing to regain her stability again, she lifts her
head high as if reaching for the light in the heavens
brightness she longs for above her saddened head
Dreariness weakens her stride, determination lifts
her frail body again with strength of a warrior she
knows where she is going and with faith on her
side, she will gain her waited moment of glory

Past events drained her spirit deep inside, only for
a moment did she go back, daily the women became
stronger, faces the mental sorrows of the dark shadows
once again, she fights to rid her mind of the evil that
lingers reality gives her the painted portrait to carry on
Realizing that not all harm comes to harm one a smile
comes to her lips, a bright glow to her eyes as her
vision of the world changes to a new different light
This light of clarity is the path that she now will
walk overtaking her lost expectations of the mind

The brick wall was her promise to her glory as
she walked in weakness it brings her new direction
and strength to carry on, to feel the promise of a
new beginning - in her memory she searched and
recalled the teachings learned as a small child
No more shall she feel alone or distant from those
who cross her path in haste - for her path has now been
chosen as faith is the key to peace within her mind,
 learning to love ones self brings happiness and joy...

Seeing the light, eyes open wide - to her awakening