February 19, 2015


Ripples from the tide caress the image
A touch of grace came into view
With widened eyes one can see
new teachings written on the scroll

Coolness brought down the heat
That penetrated the souls search
Bright visions of clarity now prevail
Whispers of thanks became prevalent

Again, blessings have come
To care for one at a needed time
Again, He has figured it all out and
Came to aid the one who has lost tears -
Drying them with love

- Rhoda Galgiani


Karen O'Leary said...

What a joy to read this today, Rhoda. Our family sure has had blessings in our time of need this year. God is always with us. Good use of imagery to share your thoughts.


Rhoda Galgiani said...

Yes Karen - I know we are totally blessed with His love. I am so happy that we have overcome some of our problems this past year...rg