December 17, 2014

Who's You's?

I met a man the other day,
 he said to me, 'Who’s you’s?'
 I said 'Who’s me?'
He said, 'Si, Who’s you’s?'
 I smiled with glee!
His voice was strong
 with an accent so clear
I wondered who he was and
what he was doing here.
His name is Miguel and
he is new in our town
looking for work so he can
hang his hat and settle down.
Says he likes the place
where he now dwells
down the street a ways
 in a boarding house by a
church with loud ringing bells.
So, off he went strolling
 down the crowded street
say’in 'hello' to all he
 would casually meet.
I wish him well in a new
country to which he has come
looking for the American dream
just like everyone!

- Rhoda Galgiani