October 11, 2014

 A Monsoon Kind of Day
Furiously the heat lingers
as the desert sun grasps
holding the drought,
plant growth ordained
to your part of the world

Desert spirits cry to be dampened
yearning for a moments relief,
as the riverbeds of one’s soul
rough from the carving heat,
lie still in their death

Over the rise the storm is coming,
wailing winds of magnitude strength
levels sparse renewed struggling growth,
as fury slams against the tall cactus
whipping the foreseen seasonal path as the…

raging winds of the monsoon come again
- Rhoda Galgiani


Karen O'Leary said...

Wonderful use of imagery to share your thoughts Rhoda! The weaving emotion and nature work so well. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.


Maurice Reynolds said...

Hi Rhoda. I've enjoyed reading "A Monsoon Kind of Day." Thank you for sharing. I would love if you could submit a poem for the January / February issue of Creative Inspirations. Blessings! -MJ

Rhoda Galgiani said...

Thank you Karen and Maurice for the visit and read. Many times weather can stimulate words within a poem. Happy you enjoyed reading me...rg