August 3, 2014

 Your heavy desire
only allow you to see
what you are looking for -
Travel the road with questions
look high and low along the way
seek your answers; do not soar
Confusion causes doubt
clear the mind step by step
take a stroll to the truth -
Grow within the lost heart
harsh lessons are now learned
go back to trustful youth

 Sing to the heart with love
answers will reveal doubt
from the wings of a dove -
Drift to places of peace
calm the minds doubtful side
joy will come; pain will cease
- Rhoda Galgiani
 (First 3 lines are from my fortune cookie - rg)


Karen O'Leary said...

Dear Rhoda,

Inspiration in a fortune cookie--kind of fitting. Finding peace in one's life is so important especially in today's chaotic world. You give the reader a lot to ponder about in this poem. In truth, we find our souls. I like the way you end your poem with a glimpse of hope. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Keep on writing my friend. Always a joy to visit Expressions.


Rhoda Galgiani said...

Thank you Karen for your indepth comment. Yes, finding peace is a gift to one who is searching - giving one a whole new look on life and their surroundings...rg

Maurice Reynolds said...

Hi Rhoda. God bless you and yours! "Drift" is well-written and such a delightful reminder of the peace we all need in our life. It often seems that we have time for everything else in our life, but the peace that God desires us to have. We need peace in this world and as your poem states, I love to "Drift" into peaceful areas and mindsets in my life where I can just simply enjoy the beauty of God's creation. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings! -MJ