July 10, 2014

This Heart...
There comes a time in ones life
when the cloud that covered
ones mind suddenly opens -
New rays bring light of happiness
light of reform, light of rebirth
Slowly, the mind is restored as
faith again takes the painful load
that consumed the tired brow of dismay
surely, restore ones life with glad tidings
of calm, that the day will be - as promised
Clear skies with delightful moments one
endures the joy returned in a bountiful leap
Again, new vision to eyes once dimmed
by gloom that surrounds the world on
an everyday dislocated weary basis
It is a time to rejoice, to cheer
with glee at the discovery of what
He had envisioned for ones life
Quickly shadows of the darkened hall
disappeared, His promise is the light
Gracefully restored as it should be this heart
again is full of love, full of a bright glow -
until the next time but, also with a new
reasoning within ones mind how to
calmly handle grief as it arises
 Combating the Devil who casts his hate
creating a painful lost life, His glory teaches
one how to cope and come to terms within
 their own peace again, one step at a time -
This heart was shown just that - by Him
 - Rhoda Galgiani