April 4, 2014


A Poet’s Soul
Mother, daughter, friend, writer
Sister of Robert, Cheri and Gary
Lover of God, people and animals
Who feels compassion, pity and love
Who fears Satan, rejection and criticism
Who would like to see peace, love and humility
Resident of East Patchogue, NY
Bio Poetry Form - Written about one self’s life, personality traits and ambitions
Line 1: First name
Line 2: Four traits that describe you
Line 3: Brother/Sister of (may substitute son/daughter of)
Line 4: Lover of (Give names of three people or ideas)
Line 5: Who feels (Give three feelings)

Line 6: Who fears (Give three items)
Line 7: Who would like to see ... (Give three items)

Line 8: Resident of... (Give city and state)
Line 9: Last name only