January 22, 2014

Maurice J. Reynolds is 'Expressions' Featured Poet...


They come in a variety
of forms: Thanksgiving,
Christmas, barbeques,
cookouts, celebrations
and the like.
Most often, the festivities
are a time of fun and good cheer
that bring us all together.
A family dinner reminiscing
of the time when grandma made
that delicious old fashioned
ice cream or when granddaddy
would extend his hand for a nice
handshake before giving a big
hug and asking how is everything
going in our life.
Smiles galore, plenty of food and
conversation fill the room.
Such delightful times those
festivities bring.

The Heart

The heart is not always an
easy thing to figure out.
There are times when
it protects us and there are
times when it fails us.
It beats and is a living
piece of us, to be treated
with love and kindness.
Sometimes the heart causes
a lot of emotional turmoil
and sometimes it leads us to
paths of joy and happiness.
Oftentimes the heart can be
a bit unpredictable, as it can
wrestle with our emotions and
with our flesh and blood, yet
a heart devoted to God is guarded,
tucked away, and cared for so that
it knows it belongs to Him.
- Evangelist Maurice J. Reynolds
TGBTG Publications