December 16, 2013

'Expressions' Features ~ Charlene McCutcheon

His Mission: To Save

Lovingly He calls, Come unto Me 
All ye who are so heavily laden. 
I've paid the price for all your sins, 
Making it possible to be forgiven.

Repent and be baptized, it reads. 
Receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. 
He will guide you safely back home.
Despite the world, He helps most!

Kneeling at the foot of His cross,
My head bowed in deep humility,
I remembered His loving words
While going through such agony.

Father forgive them, he pleaded.
They don't know what they do.
In compassionate understanding
He makes intercession for us too.

Jesus first loved us and lit the way.
Oh to return His love; how we ask?
Give as Jesus gave, to us so freely.
Forgive as forgiven, that is our task.

                 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~