December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas 'Expressions' Readers...

Jesus’ Birthday 

The holiday season means
something to everyone differently
perhaps, but the meaning is
there for those who choose believe

To those of you who follow my poetry,
my words can be deep and penetrating
My feeling for the birth of our Lord
is just a deep as my penned words

It seems many have forgotten
what Christmas is all about
Knowing it is about the birth of Jesus,
that is what I choose to celebrate

My Lord was born on this day
Joyous are we as to His birth,
saddened are we as to His departure
His will come again, for it is written

To the people who celebrate with
material things, I wish you joy
To the people who celebrate His birth,
I wish you peace, love and happiness

I choose the latter
as I reflect the life of our Lord,
His trials, tribulations and His death
for me and mankind

- Rhoda Galgiani