August 31, 2013

Metamorphic Transition...

Before, During, After
Before I was feeling empty
Since joy didn’t fit in my heart
Smiles came and went with sad sorrow
Frowns seemed to frame my empty face
During this time, I found my way
Seeking my truths as I did pray
Understood that my days turned black
Comfort in life I now did lack
All was taken in a short flash
Dreams tumbled and suddenly crash
As failure overtook one’s mind
Your love in life turned cold and blind
Sorrow captured my body’s peace
Life we lived died coming to cease
After years of solitude pain
The mind grew and heart became full
Faith in one’s own self and in God
Taught me again to become full
- Rhoda Galgiani
Metamorphic Transition Form of Poetry - Created by Dena M. Ferrari
Three verses, though the number of verse lines do vary - First verse
has 4 lines non rhyme with content about Before - The second verse
has 10 lines done as rhyming couplets and content of this verse is
During (here and now) any subject - Third verse content is about
After done with 4 lines 4th line repeats the end words of line 2
Align center or left...rg