June 29, 2013


'Painting Black Lilies on the Knoll'

Dark Eyes

How does one learn to accept thee
Not question who and what you are
With passion that comes from afar
Full of emotion that can’t flee

Becoming a distant lost soul
Whose angel spirit fell away
Creating shadows of dark gray
Painting black lilies on the knoll

Calling your name hear a love’s breath
As spirits, lighten your sad brow
Come hold my hand - come to me now
True love will take your thought of death

Distant light comes to warm your heart
Brings comfort to body and mind
Open dark eyes totally blind
Come - choose the path to a new start

- Rhoda Galgiani

Quatrain Poetry Form consists of four lines verse with a specific rhyming scheme - Poetry posted is using the envelope rhyme - A few examples of a quatrain rhyming scheme are as follows: #1) abab, #2) abba - envelope rhyme, #3) aabb, #4) aaba, bbcb, ccdc, dddd - chain rhyme...rg