May 23, 2013

- Future Pages Will Be of Poetry Only -

* * * * *  

In Memory of Max
Those who love you will really miss
They send up their love and a kiss
Your “Meow” was so great to hear
You are in their hearts very dear

Your new home has great love and peace
Keep their love and playtime release
Many pets are here to befriend
My own pet vibrations I send

Watch down from heaven with content
In Paradise your hours are well spent
In their dreams let your spirit soar
I do know that you they adore!

Comfort I try to bring to all
You’ll have much fun like dog with ball!
A King you are wherever you roam
Rest in peace in your lovely home

By Christina R. Jussaume

* Written for Rhoda in Memory of Her Beloved "Max"...


A Royal Feline -
His Name is Mr. Max

Dear Mr. Max -

For Seventeen years, you gave me
your devoted love and companionship.
You never complained or whined
or show a moment of wanting
anything else, but what you had.
Always a purr in your throat
never a howl or hiss from you
your royal beauty out stood all
other felines around you.

For you Mr. Max were the
 King of the Feline World…

Love from,
The Mother Cat

April 1, 1996 ~ May 23, 2013