March 15, 2013

(A German Shepherd)

Pal was all waggles and wiggles - loved to wrestle
He could jump his backyard fence so easily
To play with the children who loved him

Perhaps the love given on both sides
that summer was enough

Perhaps I could forgive myself - someday
For calling Pal across the busy street to play
But could I ever forget the THUMP! 
Pal skidding his nose
               Along the hot pitch street
                 Whining desperately

Perhaps the love given on both sides would be enough
Perhaps that love would be enough for one dog’s life

Editor's Note:

David Austin, MI sent me the following message:

"I thought you might like this poem for your Expressions.
It's quite sad. I tear up every time I read it because it's so 
dear to memory."

Love, Dave