January 21, 2013

Dr. Shapiro Smiles...

Dedicated to Dr. David Shapiro

Dreams within the darkened night
Brings illusions to the mind
Black figure comes into flight
Confuse and silently blind

Peaceful sleep converts to fear
As one dreams are suddenly woke
Sees an illusion that isn’t clear
Image appears, but has not spoke

 ‘Who are you?’ one calls with a frightful plea
A whisk of the hand vision disappears
Quick as image came it suddenly does flee
Mind becomes clear wipes away sleepy tears

Awhile now images have abruptly appeared
But, the terror they cause tend to decrease
For the illusion is a vision no longer feared
Writing about them, gives one found peace

Rhoda Galgiani, Poet
East Patchogue, NY
January 18, 2013

Author's Note:

This poem is dedicated to my Chiropractor -
I was telling him how I was having illusions, I
believe from my diabetic meds and he said
'that would be a great subject to write about'
so I did! I presented him with a dedicated framed
copy on Monday at his office. See picture!!! rg