November 26, 2012

Karen O'Leary ~ A Poet With Flair

 Faith Life

that grows each day,
spiritual sparkle
that touches the lives of others
with light

© Karen O'Leary

Karen O'Leary is a published poet. To see more of her work
search her name and enjoy this poets specialty of creating
with short form poetry. Karen O'Leary writes from her heart...rg

November 21, 2012

A Special Blessing from NC...

A Requiem Blessing for Cheri Rae Christenson
A Daughter, Sister, Mother, Aunt, Grandmother and Friend....
Tie Cheri's favorite colors of ribbons in a tree…
Let the winds carry your thoughts to her
A Blessing for Cheri 
If any time be sacred, it is Now.
If any place be Holy, it is this Place.
Cheri had a purpose and she accomplished much…
She pushed the limits and fought for her right to see new life brought forth.
May we remember her as the vibrant woman she is
When we look at her children and Grandbaby
May we show her our hearts…and in ours...
Never farther than a thought…
Cheri, you came and touched so many hearts
In so many different ways.
You gave so much, and asked very little in return.
There is an emptiness as if a part of us is missing,
But we are sure with time you will show us how to be whole again.
We know you are safe now, and nothing can harm you.
Remember, although we're apart,
We will always be together…
Bíodh sé amhlaidh! Pronounced: BEE-O-shay-Am-lee (Welsh)
A Blessing for the Family
May you know that you are all thought of...dearly.
May all you do…reflect the joy of light…
That Cheri gave to each of you.
Know that she is closer than a whisper on a soft breeze…
And the laughter of a babbling brook…
And the caress of the winds.
As long as Cheri is in your hearts…
She will always be...remembered…
And loved…
Brightest Blessings to you and yours…
Bíodh sé amhlaidh! Pronounced: BEE-O-shay-Am-lee (Welsh)
Our Deepest Sympathy... 
~ Dena and Peter
Dena and Peter Ferrari, NC
My heart and family thank you both for these blessings...rg

My Beloved Sister

Cheri and Granddaughter Elle
'The Love of Her Life'
Prayer for Cheri
 (Rhoda’s Only Younger Sister)
The Lord has welcomed Cheri home
She is now an angel above
She watches over those she loves
Embrace her memory today

Lord gives strength to her family
Be assured His comfort they’ll feel
Remember all the love she gave
The Lord has welcomed Cheri home 

She does not want tears to be shed,
Only wants to be remembered
Keep a place for her in your heart
She is now an angel above

Do not let sadness overwhelm
Remember the love we did share
Feel her essence surrounding you
She watches over those she loves
Realize she now is at peace
Beautiful gardens she walks through
Hummingbirds frolic before her
Embrace her memory today

By Christina R. Jussaume, MA
Cheri Rae Christenson
January 3, 1945 ~ November 20, 2012
Reno, NV
Christina - my heart thanks you...rg

November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving...

November brings a special day
with thought about my family
remembrance of Thanksgivings past
with laughter in everyone’s heart
November brings a special day
with early rise to prepare ‘Tom’
remember who wants the drumstick
and who insists on the white meat

November is a special day
as family arrives from their homes
excited at Mom’s on this day
full of love we all can not wait
November is a special day
wait for the turkey to be done
sit at Mom’s decorative table
‘Tom’ is now ready to be served?
We’re going to a restaurant!

Blessings from our House to Yours
Happy Thanksgiving from ~

Rhoda, Max and Gracie

November 13, 2012

God Bless America ~

How could anyone not love this Soldier
and his compassion for this cat?
God's Blessings to all our Military...

November 8, 2012

'Fuzzy' in the Weeds ~

 Photo by Carol Bales
Cats At Their Bowls Lapping
Imagine Angela,
after all these years,
rising and gliding
to check on my pie, 
wouldn’t that be something?
Angela, come to Chicago,
and bring all of your cats.
I’ll watch those cats 
in your lap napping,
you in my lap napping,
the cats at their bowls lapping,
and I in my chair laughing.
Angela, bring all of your cats
and come to Chicago
to make Coquilles St. Jacques
and Jefferson Davis Pie.
“If ever I cook dinner for you,
it will be Coquiles St. Jacques
and Jefferson Davis Pie.”

© Donal Mahoney

Donal Mahoney, a native of Chicago
lives in St. Louis, Missouri. His poetry and fiction
have appeared in The Sound of Poetry Review
and other publications in the United States
Europe, Asia and Africa
'Expressions' wishes to thank Mr. Mahoney
for his submission and his love of Felines...rg

November 4, 2012

Featuring Poet Jan Henson ~

'7 year old female found by Jan Henson
when she was 18 months old living on the streets...

Come on in
Sit by the fire and drink your warm milk
I will brush you ‘til you are like silk
Sit on my knee and cuddle down so you can sleep
A watchful gaze for you, I will lovingly keep
A purring song you make
Warm love from you I take
Here’s your twin

© Jan Henson, England

Lucky Leaf Poetry Form - Created by Christina R. Jussaume 08-22-07
The form should be center aligned to give the shape of a clover
Syllables are 3, 3, 9, 9, 12, 12, 6, 6, 3 and 3 - It can be any subject
with or without rhyme - There can be one or more stanzas

November 2, 2012

Incredible Photo...

Photographer Unknown...
Submitted to 'Expressions' by
Elsie Catterson, LI, NY