September 21, 2012

I'm Mr. Max...

My name is Mr. Max
I am a Maine Coon Cat,
I’m almost 17 years
Let me bring you all cheers
Life has been good to me
I am happy full of glee,
Mom Oh, you know who I mean
cares for me this entire scene
When I was a tiny Kit
at the shelter, she came to get,
well actually, she adopted my Sis
came back for me she couldn’t dismiss
So, off we went to Mommy’s home
we were adopted never to roam,
that was 17 long years ago
my Sis has left me that is my woe
I use to be a big boy of 23 pounds
I am old and weight comes off in bounds,
my Mom she worries, I say, ‘Don’t fret’
I’m not ready to go just yet
So, this is my story I am loved a lot
I thank God Mom came for me she sought,
every Kitty should be so blessed
being adopted is the very, very best
Max Galgiani