August 12, 2012

The Sixteenth Year

The thought of sixteen comes painfully,
as if a stab in the heart from a memory
of an unfair justice, a choice not made of me,
a decision coming from a greater power
an event that is not of my will.

Yesterday is so vivid, painfully real,
a reality that I never want to endure again,
before my eyes close for the final journey,
when I seek the peace and love from my God,
as He promised me from the beginning.

A single tear comes to my eye as I
remember you and then I weep for
you are no more, you I cannot touch,
you I cannot see or lovingly feel,
for you were taken away for a purpose.

The memory of you is vivid as I remember
the gentleness of your eyes, the sweetness
of your smile, remembering the softness
of your voice as you whispered,
“I love you, Mom”.

I cry tears of a Mother’s emptiness,
for my Sunshine was taken that day
you saw the bright light leading
you to wherever we take our journey,
wherever is His will, whatever is His plan -
knowing we shall embrace again.

Dedicated to My Beloved Son
John Thomas Orokos
January 5, 1962 - August 12, 1996

© 2012 Rhoda Galgiani