May 28, 2012

Poetry Form by Rhoda Galgiani, Poet

The Sea Lives

The sea taking a salty breath
Hurried to wake the sleepy shore
Evades life by a drowning death
Holds the sandy earth by its core

Ends a struggle buried within
Never believed in its own wake
Enters a place where oceans spin
Nature’s riptide died in its quake

Every child laughs a joyous sound
Delighted sea dances in wave
Evil thought now hide below ground
Discover seashells they now crave

Ending toils shall now disappear
Rough sea became gentle white knight
Today children play with no fear
Ready to smile waves are just right

© 2012 Rhoda Galgiani

Poetic End Cap - Created by Rhoda Galgiani May 27, 2012
Four stanzas 16 lines total - 8 syllables each line
The end letter will become the Cap letter at the
beginning of the next line - Rhyming poetry form
Rhyming sequence: abab; cdcd; efef; ghgh…
Subject Optional