May 14, 2012

Rise Above
The sun beams, creating diamond light
on a river that cascades carelessly
as a hawk slowly glides upstream
I rest amid the ghosts of evergreens
surrounded by blazing wildflowers
gazing up at tall maples of brilliant green
to the blue that speaks in whispers
I drift in the calm and rise above

Sandra Stefanowich ©6/11

I Trust...
I trust in Him always
Never have I been scorn
For He shows me my path
Showing me truth and love
I am saved from my wrath

I trust in Him always
He makes sure I am safe
Protects my daily stride
Guides me on my journey
Whether narrow or wide

I trust in Him always
For His truth cares for me
He clears dark eyed vision
Counsels my every move
Make the right decision

I trust in Him Always
I will follow Him home
For He is my true Lord
I never need to fear
With Him, my soul has soared

© 2012 Rhoda Galgiani

Editor's Note:

Photos taken by ~
Photographer/Poet Sandra Stefanowich, Canada