April 20, 2012

Francis the Cat ~ by John Henson

Bonsoir mon ami I am Francoise Le Chat
That’s French you know, for Francis the cat
Here on the Champs Ellysees pickings are fat
And beautiful Mademoiselle’s stop for a chat

Oolala my friend I am in love with them all
Well! I am a young garcon and having a ball
Friends tell me the ladies will be my downfall
So! Until that happens, I will give them my all

I am the aristocat, the lord of the alleyways
Someone crosses my path and bravery he displays
Why I can run faster I know all the pathways
Though the ladies this somewhat dismays

Still I am the greatest there has ever been
A pussy cat extraordinaire, lean and mean
When I’m running away from the scene
I’m the fastest feline the world has ever seen

John Henson, Poet
The Writer's and Poetry Alliance