March 18, 2012

A Memory's Dream ~

I loved you from the first moment you came
into my view, as a halo surrounded you
I saw you, I knew -

As a young girl, you entered my life later asking me
to be a loving wife to share your dreams and time
forever with you -

Early years were tough for us as we learned to trust,
we started our family we grew up strong together
joined, you and me -

Doing what families do, time disappears, as she takes the
youthful years with comfort and joy, a family together
I did not know -

One day you came not to love me moving away from our
home and family leaving me alone lost and confused
your heart wanted to be free -

My mind and heart died that day when you suddenly
decided to go away, I hid my lingering love for you
alone, I cried -

Time and years have swiftly passed, I am still plagued
by the young love that did not last, as I remember
our time you took away -

Old and gray some nights I still dream of moments that
don’t go away as a broken mirror shows me her lines
with visions of the love we once shared as -

young love became a memory’s dream


The beginning August 1, 1959 ~ The end May 31, 1984