October 6, 2011

My Sister Cheri...

Please pray for my Sister Cheri
She has several health issues and was taken to the hospital
last night because of severe breathing problems...rg

NOTE: 10-15-11 I got a call here in NY at 5:00 am eastern time. I was soooo asleep, I thought it was my brother-in-law Bob calling about Cheri from Reno, NV. I was so scared because he wasn't talking. Then I realized it was my little sister Cheri. Her voice was raspy, but she was talking. She sounded good, but weak and told me she will be going to rehab in about 3 days. She is on dialysis for about 3 hours also daily. All in all she is improving and she said that the two attendants in the ambulance saved her life. I told her how so many people were praying for her and she said, 'I knew you would do that for me, Rhoda'. God is good and so are all of you for praying for my sister Cheri. Thank you all...rg

NOTE: 10-14-11 Cheri is now improving and is off the respirator. She has been taken to a regular room and will go to rehab in about three days. Her throat is very sore and she is having dialysis three times a day which is elimating the fluid within her body. Thank you for all the prayers my prayer warriors and thank you Alliance for caring...rg

NOTE: 10-10-11 Cheri has improved somewhat, but still on respirator. She also has been put on dialysis as her kidneys are failing. Her vitals have improved, 
but she still is a very sick girl...rg