October 1, 2011

My Parking Angel ~ Matthew

I read one day on a poetry
site that I frequent regularly
that if one prays for three days
they will be revealed their
guardian angel. I prayed for three
days and asked my angel to
reveal their self to me

The third day nothing happened -
so I went about my business, but
still thought about my angel
You see, I have a parking angel
who has been with me for about
four years and wherever I go my
parking angel finds me a parking
space right up close to the stores
entrance - Oh, somedays the parking
lots are very busy, but I know in a
short time my parking space will open up

On the fourth day I pulled into a
parking space, again up close to
the main doors of my favorite
grocery store and as I turned off
my car I heard in my mind the
softly spoken name...Matthew

I heard nothing else -
I said out loud,
'I can't believe it, I thought my
parking angel was a girl' - and
all this time you are a boy!' I am
now on a first name basis with my
angel who revealed himself to me,
my Matthew and he is so generous
when he gives me my parking space
He is with me always, right along with my
Father and when I am done shopping we all
ride back home again together
safe, sound and happy

Thank you Matthew for taking care of me
I love you - rg