September 15, 2011

Within One's Mind

Where I was hidden within a mask
unable to move ahead to tackle my own task,
sealed with feelings so the world couldn’t see
pretended life was perfect, but it wasn’t for me

Body and mind captures deep a darkened hole
wanting to explore, but the mind was not whole,
somehow feelings were sealed in its own captive crate
protects my soul, from its wrath before it’s too late

Looking around at others social well being
afraid to take a chance, the eyes may start seeing,
wonder why my ways can’t grow beyond its own wall
questions why I can’t come out of my shadowed hall

Hidden so long my comfort zone took control
today will pass; my thoughts need not take their stroll,
excuses shout ‘I shan’t walk my journeys new path
tomorrow I say - that’s the day to conquer my wrath'

Tomorrow the dark drawing that lies ever still
angels bring encouragement of strength and goodwill,
nourishes life with this pattern of self doubt
thoughts swarm wildly rush swiftly to come out

Pictured Neighbors Florence Galati and Cary Eferstein

Dedicated to my neighbor Cary who suddenly passed
on September 12, 2011 - He was 64 ~ He will be missed!