September 19, 2011

The Black Orchid ~

How Grief Speaks

Feelings stir inside the shell stumbling
trying to fit into the mind that does
all the massive instructing,
a balancing act directing
the tired body where to go,
what to do and how to mentally
handle its grief and sorrow

Wondering how to digest it all
how to come to terms with the
event surrounding the hollow
feeling generated deep within,
feelings that I have not come to
terms with as insight developed slowly
during a fourteen month period as
the tone of his voice heightened

The sudden loss of a friend, a neighbor,
a lost soul who turned to me with eternal
desperation in hoped to be comforted during
his spell of discomfort, during his moment
in the place where he went hiding from
the world he didn’t truly understand
searching for a moments peace of mind

I am thinking of him, lost myself for I
couldn’t help him in his black moment as
he tried to justify his untruth of reality
that was too deep to understand for as
he pondered the situation he grew deeper
into anxiety and stress that put him over
the edge for that day, but knowing tomorrow,
he would slip back again into his gentle world -

of his own meaning of life

The Orchid, the Love of Cary Eferstein's Life...