October 21, 2010

Etched Glass of Symbols

Magic swirls within the view of one's eye
as delicate ribbons twist and turn elegantly,
eyes that seek truth above and beyond the filters
beyond the camouflage, beyond their hidden hues

Mysteries engulf the mind as the waves send
messages fulfilling the desires of the invader,
penetrating the private hollows of the hidden
as brilliant mental images lost - rise

Mentally saturated by images of depth
showered by the invasion of a brains space,
our electric vision overtakes their moments
creating our own etched glass of symbols

May we question, what we have seen
as we intrude upon another souls mind,
hidden secrets or shallowly hidden grief?
No I say, hidden glory of life that is to be –

as an invasive mind is silenced

October 18, 2010

Within Their Soul

The morning air glides with purity
as the sun glistens over the horizon
that brightens the morning dawn,
travels a new joy to a saddened heart
as sorrow is whisked away non to linger

Dawn brings a new beginning
just as the rain washes away
all the litter of the uncaring individual,
who walks her natural created paths
she brings love to the one who loves her

Serenity gently guides one upon their way
to a freedom and peace created for them
showing a way to golden sunlight,
to a dimension of a gentle forever
etching a memory of what shall be…

within their soul