March 31, 2010

Happy Easter from 'Expressions' ~

Easter Rainbow

I talked to the Easter Bunny
just the other day, told him
about this lady
who is special in every way.

I said, “Mr. Easter
Bunny, Sir -

please, make me a special surprise.
Something with brilliant colors
to light up her pretty eyes”.

As he looked at me
his nose twitched.
I could see in his eyes,
a beautiful surprise.
Colors of the rainbow that
travels from me to you,
colors of the rainbow
for you to see, too.

No matter where I am,
no matter where I shall be;
remember, our special rainbow
created for you and for me.

Author's Note:

Dedicated to an old friend for many years from my past, who is 97 years old ~ God Bless You...

Frances P. Castellana, New Hyde Park, NY