March 12, 2010

Because You Are Missed So Much ~

In Memory of Aimee Wolfram

"Beloved Aimee"

You came to me knowing how
dearly I needed you to comfort
my heavy heart, too ease my pain,
helping me to contain my sanity.

You gave to me your strength
desperately I needed, to make sense of it all.
You seem to know as you caught my tears
yesterday and again my tears of today.

Such a special friend you were to love me
unconditionally every day of your precious life.
Without question you were by my side,
always my loving steadfast companion.

Beloved Aimee forever in my heart
memories of you shall bring me joy,
along with tears of laughter as I see visions
of you in my dreams at my days end...

Sweetly I dream Aimee, until we meet again.

November 15, 1988 - June 16, 2004

A special dedication because we love so deeply -
for Carole and Paul Wolfram, UT