August 31, 2009

A Thousand Kitty Purrs...

This picture was sent to
me from a
long time
email buddy Janet Thompson
from AL
who knows
my love
for animals.
I just had to post this one!
Thank you

---------------------> There are twelve kittens in this picture!

Special Love...

The Warmth of a Puppy, the Purr of a Kitty,
Fill our Human Hearts with Special Love...

August 28, 2009

Winning Poetry ~

As the Season Turns

the fall of gold leaves
branches shiver from the cold
bare arms reach for warmth

First Place Winner
The Image of Fall Poetry Contest
August 28, 2009 ~

*Author's Note

The Japanese Haiku form of poetry consists of 3 lines
1st line 5 syllables, 2nd line 7 syllables and 3rd line 5 syllables
The subject is always about Nature.


New Dawn of Reality

A thousand mile journey completes
the destiny of thy awaited fate.
Scars upon the burning soles of thy feet
reminds the traveler of the harsh toils past.

No more, shall there be such a journey,
for the toll has been paid and the
goodness of the future is at hand.
Peace shall come to thy longing spirit.

The beginning of a new and uplifting
day has risen for thy who has
waited so patiently, for it to come.
Lessons harshly learned are forgiven.

Silent no more, thy shouts with joy
at the coming of the new dawn of reality.
Happiness to start afresh is waiting thee.
Penetrating wounds have been put aside,
for thy wounds have silently healed.

Glory to thee who shall live again,
who had the strength to set forth
on the path to a new beginning,
for this wondrous world awaits you...

thy beginning has just begun to live
as trusting in oneself radiates.

Second Place Winner
The Other Side of Reality Poetry Contest
July 30, 2009 ~

If I Can…

If I can stop one drop of blood
pouring from your veins,
moments spent shall remain;

If I can bring joyous sounds
to your deafened ears or
comfort your thirsty throat…

then my life was lived well

Inspired by Emily Dickinson’s
‘If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking’

Third Place Winner
Adaptation Poetry Contest
November 11, 2009

Now Meet Charlie from NV ~

Charlie (on right) doesn't have a title like most the other featured pets here on Expressions! He is just plain ole Charlie, but he's the 'King' of the Starr household.

Basset Hounds Charlie and Mr. Gino are best bud's and they do everything together. What a pair, what star's they are as God has given them golden halo's with His loving blessing. Those of us
who own animals are truly blessed to share love with them.
I can't imagine a day without our wonderful pets.
Thank you Zac and Alyssa...

Mr. Gino and Charlie from NV ~

excuse the exposure, but
I am plumb stuffed from my 'Beefy Plate' that was fixed for me. Hmmm, Charlie is trying to get in on MY shot!!!

August 27, 2009

Meet Mr. Gino from NV ~

the Beef?
Hey, I know
it's around here somewhere, cause I can smell it on those dishes! Ok, then maybe I'll go take a little nap until you plate me eyes are getting a
bit heavy."

This wonderful picture was sent to me by my fabulous nephew and wife Zac and Alyssa Starr who lives in NV. How could one not want to spoil this little Basset Hound pup with those sorrowful eyes? "Hey Mr. Gino, you just say the 'woof' and Aunt Rhoda will hand feed you little tidbits any time you want them little buddy, cause me's loves you!"
Thank you Zac and Alyssa...

August 25, 2009

Meet Miss Maggie from NV ~

This fabulous little 10 month old is ready to leap into my arms and come visit her Feline Buddies here on LI. What a cutie this little baby is and look at that smile on her face!

Miss Maggie's picture was sent to me from a long time email buddy Barbara Dys who lives in NV. I am soooo happy Barbara sent me a picture of her new pup. Miss Maggie seems to fit right into my idea what a puppy should be, as she flys high with excitement. She has a little friend in the background, I will have to find out who that is! Thank you Barbara...

Please visit Barbara's Stained Glass at: or
click on
'Links of Interest' on left side of page

Hmmm, Looks Like 'Pinky' Won ~

the little
pink mouse
got to
Me's a
Kitty Cat!

Pink Ain't Too Bad After All ~

Ok, this pink thing is getting better...

A Mouse You Say?

My Mom bought me a new mouse
and of course,
I have to look like I really like this thing. Since when
are mice
pink, anyway?

Dinner Time at the Galgiani's ~

As you can see there are food dishes to the left, but Gracie 1, Max 13 and Mai Ling 3 always eat together in a glass pie dish...The dishes are for water and their snack food!

August 20, 2009

Nature's Gift ~

nature's pine needles
gave you art for the whole world
through your eyes we see

Dedicated to Richard Carpenter, Folk Artist

You may view his pine needle creations by
Clicking on
'Links of Interest' to the left ~ Richard Carpenter

August 15, 2009

For Now ~

My life is full with joy in my heart
feeling inner peace surrounding me,
knowing I am blessed

But, something is missing as I try to
sweep the feeling to a secret place,
a pocket hiding deep in my soul

Trying not to think about this empty
void, it comes, it stays, it lingers,
longer than I wish

Longing for companionship
sharing words with another,
sharing thoughts together

It is not meant to be for I have
been lead in another direction,
walking this path alone -

He says for now...

what you seek -
shall come through Me

A Cowboy's Daughter ~

At the young age of twelve I rode the barbed wire fences with my cowboy father, who taught me to wear leather chaps for I was his little girl,
a cowboy's daughter.

During a scorching summer’s drought or during a rainy season the fences needed repair, for the cattle would see their escape and run through the opened
fence without despair.

The ranch was hot and dry with lingering danger
around the front porch as rattlers would hide,
our faithful cattle dog Judy would bark seeking
them out keeping us safe from their striking side.

Our horses Blue and Boy excitedly jumped
and whinnied as they saw the ole pickup arrive,
knowing we would give them alfalfa and oats,
my Father loved his mounts with a cowboy’s pride.

I shot a 30-30 rifle with precision taught from a man
who made his own bullets, collecting guns for many years,
I was taught to walk beside him wearing my cowboy hat
as long as my hair was tucked behind my girlish ears.

He shot year round to feed his family fresh meat and
stopped at the grape and melon fields giving us such joy,
He was a frontiersman born in a century of modern times
but his mindset was that of a rugged bronco busting cowboy.

Then I grew up having a family of my own with
no cattle ranch or guns to shoot nor horses for me to ride,
my life took another turn away from the ranch that I loved
and now have only a memory I carry with a cowgirl's pride.

* Author's Note:

My father Robert E. Galgiani was born in Stockton, CA 1911 and died in 1990 was an original western cowboy. He taught me the love of ranching and the love of animals. I rode, learned to herd cattle and stood by watching until the branding was done. I watched with excitement during spring roundups as the cattle were corralled and divided up to be given back to the original owners. What an experience, childhood memories that will last forever!

August 12, 2009

The Thirteenth Year ~

The thought of thirteen comes painfully,
as if a stab in the heart from a memory
of an unfair justice, a choice not made of me;
a decision coming from a greater power,
an event that is not of my will

Yesterday is so vivid, painfully real
a reality that I never want to endure again;
before my eyes close for the final journey
when I seek the peace and love from my God,
as he promised me from the beginning

A single tear comes to my eye as I
remember you and then I weep
for you are no more, you I cannot touch;
you I cannot see or feel,
for you were taken away for a purpose

The memory of you is vivid as I envision
the gentleness in your eyes, the sweetness
of your smile, remembering the softness
of your voice as you whispered,
“I love you, Mom”

I cry tears of a Mother’s emptiness,
for my Sunshine was taken that day
you saw the bright light leading
you to wherever we take our journey,
wherever is His will, whatever is His plan…

knowing we shall embrace again

Honorable Mention
Dust Box of Memories Poetry Contest
September 20, 2009

In Memory ~ My Beloved Son
John Thomas Orokos
January 5, 1962 – August 12, 1996

August 11, 2009

My Feline Buddies ~

Something about the Feline
tug at my heart
maybe their eyes;
maybe their fur,
maybe their precious purr?

Something about a homeless cat
stirs emotion within
wanting to take them home;
wanting to know them better,
wanting to love them so they won’t roam

Something grows within my heart
as I became a lover of felines
they fill my heart;
they bring me joy,
they love me from the very start

Something strange happened to me
like a calling to care for them
giving them love;
giving them shelter,
giving them blessings from above

and I shall –

my Feline Buddies

Miss Gracie ~ My Feral Kitty

I was born a Feral Cat. My Feline Mother left me in front of my Human Mom house and she found me when I was 3 weeks old. I am now domestic, but still have a wild side every now and then!

............................ "Hey, I thought this was a Relative! What gives???"

I came to my new Mom with Asthma having an attack when I was five weeks old. Most others would have put me down, but my Mom says...'I am worth every penny she spends on my medicine.'
I can't even be spayed...what a bummer!

I am 3 weeks old in this picture. Considering I have never seen a camera before, I think I am doing very well. My Mom loves this first picture of me...She calls me "ET Eyes". July 2008

August 8, 2009

Friend in Silence ~

Silent words scroll across the page
words not so much of wisdom,
but words of silly joy

Suddenly you came to me
it seems in my most desperate hour,
now the inner healing has begun

Alone, was I searching for a friend
longing to share my worldly thoughts,
searching for someone to care

Silent words scroll across the page
words not so much of learning,
but words of silly laughter

I look for you to share with me
my thoughts and feelings for that day,
for I know you shall not be my judge

Finding my friend in silence
has filled an empty space,
sharing simple words in silence…

makes me smile

August 1, 2009

Meet Nicholas ~ A Christmas Puppy

A year ago he came to her house, unexpectedly quiet as a mouse. Oh, she had to travel to pick him up and lug him home in her SUV Truck.

What a joy that day was cuddling him close, for she
knew he was the one hearing her proudly boast.

So, to Patchogue she drove as she was flying high
bringing Christmas Puppy home with a smile and a sigh.

She named him Nicholas a noble name indeed, for this
Christmas Puppy was sent to her joyously with God's loving speed.

Happy 1st Birthday Nicholas ~ August 6, 2009

Pictured: Daughter Cheryl Donovan with her new puppy Nicholas

Visit Cheryl at:

Mr. Max, the Old Man!

Mr. Max takes it all in for he's the only male in the bunch, half the time he just takes a snooze as long as the girls call him for lunch. He is now thirteen and could care less about the new

kitten in our house, he dreams and chases pretty butterflies and runs after that crazy old mouse. But, one thing he didn’t count on was the little one falling in love with him, she purrs as she rubs against his cheek giving him a loving kiss every now and then. He just looks bored and gives her a swipe for now he's a tired old man.
Not caring what he thinks, she gives a playful
nudge doing everything she can...

so he remembers Gracie!